Lou Sheppard, A Strong Desire (diptych), 2018



Direction Score, (black) silkscreen and Movement Score, (white)

Both: Silkscreen, 14″x14″, Stonehenge fine art paper

Edition of 15

15 in stock

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A Strong Desire is a translation of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) diagnostic criteria for gender dysphoria into a dance. The DSM text represents a psychiatric diagnosis that allows access to trans health care like hormone therapy and surgery. It also represents the medicalization of Trans identity, acting as a barometer against which Trans experience is judged. Starting from the text Lou found the shapes and lines of Labanotation, a choreographic notation system, in the spaces between each word. These shapes were then scored and read, resulting in a set of movement directions. Leelee then took these directions and translated them into dance.

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4.5 ounce lightweight cotton with cotton webbed handles

100% Natural cotton processed AZO-Free, with no hazardous chemicals


15% of proceeds are being donated to Feed Nova Scotia

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