IOTA Bio Art Kitchen Series – 2020-2021

IOTA Institute and the Incubator Art Lab present the Bio Art Hangout Kitchen Series; a virtual hangout with an invited bio artist or scientist, who will perform an art/sci protocol, performance or show and tell.
These events feature a 60-minute Zoom Hangout, this series focuses on knowledge-sharing and engaging bio art enthusiasts with bio art actions you can do in your own homes.

NEXT UP -> Jens Hauser

#2  On November 3rd, 2020, we will participate in “White Cube, Black Box, Greenhouse,” featuring curator and scholar Jens Hauser as he tunes in from Paris, France to discuss curating art with biomedia, from the allegedly neutral white cubes and black boxes to greenhouses, while giving a tour of his personal collection of bio art artifacts.

Ionat Zurr and Oron Catts

#1 On October 3rd, 2020, we met Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr @symbiotica.lab as they tuned in from Perth, Australia for a Bio Art Kitchen Hangout. Together at happy hour, we raised a DNA cocktail, share compost stories, and discuss DNA chauvinism and feminist aspects of incubation.


Oron Catts

Artist, Speaker

Catts is the Co-Founder and Director of SymbioticA: the Centre of Excellence in Biological Arts, School of Human Sciences at the University of Western Australia (UWA) and was a Professor of Contestable Design at the Royal College for the Arts UK.

Ionat Zurr

Artist, Speaker

Dr Ionat Zurr is the Chair of the Fine Arts Discipline at the School of Design UWA and SymbioticA’s academic co-ordinator

Jens Hauser

Curator, Speaker

Jens Hauser is a Copenhagen and Paris based media studies scholar and art curator focusing on the interactions between art and technology, trans-genre and hybrid aesthetics.

Marta Menezes

Artist, Speaker

Marta de Menezes is a Portuguese artist (b. Lisbon, 1975) with a degree in Fine Arts by the University in Lisbon, a MSt in History of Art and Visual Culture by the University of Oxford, and a PhD candidate at the University of Leiden. She has been exploring the intersection between Art and Biology,... Read More

Join us on Wednesday October 20th at 8pm AST on our YouTube channel for our #Livestream #bioart Kitchen Hangout feat. Dion Kaszas #tattoo demo co-hosted with @incubatorartlab @UWindsor thanks @CanadaCouncil #tattooartist