Séamus Gallagher – Oh What Horrors Will The Morning Bring! 2020


Fine art Fuji Lustre archival paper

20″ x 16″

50 editions available

Hand signed and editioned by the artist


Depending on size, prints are wrapped in with a stiffener, sealed in a plastic and shipped flat or in a sturdy tube with sealed ends.

50 in stock

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Gallagher’s interest in recent years has been combining elements of drag and video games, examining the fantastical embodiment integral to each art form. They have developed a process of digitally modelling drag-influences masks, costumes, headpieces, and breastplates which they then convert into paper templates to construct physically. 

Throughout their recent photography, video and virtual reality work, they have heavily incorporated these paper models as a means of integrating digital aesthetics into a physical space.

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Dimensions 16 × 20 in

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