Séamus Gallagher – learning to love your body by looking at it only through the cracks of your fingers as though you’re watching a horror movie, 2018


Printed on Fine Art Matte paper archival paper (100 years)

14″ x 20″

15 editions available

Prints are hand-signed and numbered in pencils

An edition of 5 large-scale prints (44” x 66”)  are also available. Contact for pricing

20 in stock

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From the tritych “A space and place all for us”, this work raises questions of embodiment, posthumanism and what it means to exist in digital and physical spaces. the installations constructed in this series are first created digitally using 3-D modeling programs like blender, as well as unity, a computer game engine. images of these video game environments are then extracted into print form, which i use to construct complex, large-scale installations for me to photograph, encompassing the camera’s frame. in bringing these digital aesthetics into a physical space, these photographs exist as dense visual environments that blur the line between the digital and the physical, the real and the fake. by photographing myself inside these constructed spaces, i want to explore what it means for the body to interact within virtual, otherworldly spaces.

Printed on Fine Art Matte paper archival paper (100 years)

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Dimensions 20 × 30 in