RESEARCH at the IOTA focuses on producing and publishing critical, experimental, or academic writing, either in print or in e-formats on topics related to its mission.

IOTA supports independent research by writers, artists and curators through offering residencies and writing commissions in the cross-disciplinary fields of art\technology, art\science, and art\performance.

IOTA Bio Art Kitchen Series – 2020-2021

60-minute virtual hangouts focused on knowledge-sharing and engaging bio art enthusiasts with bio art actions you can do in your own homes.

IOTA Bio Art Series – 2019

IOTA is hosting a series of FREE public events and installations featuring Bio Art in Halifax, NS.


IOTA: ARC presents the dome after dark for a 15-min stop-motion, sound and video piece by local artist Ruth Marsh featuring a 360 immersive environment which conjures a technologically altered, large-scale beehive.

BIOTA2018 Prospective Futures: The Aurelia Project

Prospective Futures: The Aurelia Project (co-curated by ethnology curator Roger Lewis) centers around healing and recovery of highly contaminated legacy gold mine tailing sites across Nova Scotia.

Six Questions

IOTA conducts interviews with project participants. Click through interviews to read artists, writers, curators, and other participants discuss their research and practice.